Unite For Sight


Best Photography

I believe that my eyes and the lens of my camera, in unison, allow me to create and capture special moments that I share through my photographs. Without either of these components, my unique perspective can never become a tangible reality. So, through my website I support a charity like Unite For Sight as the causes they are working towards are synonymous with my philanthropic beliefs as a black and white photographer. The ability to see and access to quality eye care to facilitate this, is something that many take for granted – which is why I want to use my photography as a tool to support this charity that helps bring sight to so many people across the world.

Through my very first photography exhibition this year, I was able to raise a significant amount of money for Unite for Sight so that I can support them through my passion in their endeavors to help visually impaired people around the world.

Unite For Sight are an inspirational charity that support eye clinics throughout the developing world, offering expertise and financing to help remove the barriers to eye-care that exist in some of the world’s poorest and most remote regions.

Over the years Unite For Sight’s. programmes in Ghana, India and Honduras have provided high quality eye-care to over 1.9 million people, the majority of which is achieved by aiding local eye doctors in reaching and treating more members of the public. It is my hope that through my photography I can support them so their work might allow more people to experience the beauty of the world.