Best Female Photographers in India

Xavier Guardans, Window Series, Merisho

Best Female Photographer in the World
Xavier Guardans, Window Series, Rembes

I was recently fortunate enough to visit Heist, a fine art photography gallery in Notting Hill, West London. The current exhibition, Origins, is an intriguing exploration of some of the most remote places in the world, the exhibition sheds light on some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating indigenous and tribal cultures. Origins featured truly incredible pieces by some of my favourite photographers including Rankin, Jimmy Nelson and Claire Rosen among others.

Heist offers one of the most unique gallery experiences that I have ever had. The gallery itself is located in a beautiful residential venue in Notting Hill and as you walk through each room is set up so that it complements the art on the walls with the main space featuring many of Jimmy Nelson’s works, hung on walls painted in bright earthen oranges that bring out the distinction of his pieces. Each room is transformed according to the works on display and I found myself intrigued to discover each immersive layout and which photographs would be presented to me. I was particularly drawn to Xavier Guardians Window Series, a stunning selection of black and white photographs taken through the window of his car.

The only criticism I have is that I wanted it to go on forever – I would have loved for there to be more photographs and to have been offered a further glimpse into some of these different cultures.