On the 28th and 29th of July 2015 I had my very first solo black and white photography exhibition in New Delhi. It was hosted by Palette Art Gallery and the exhibition was called ‘Travelogue”. It was held at the Alliance Française Gallery and 18 photographs were on display.

Under the superb guidance and support of Palette Art Gallery I was able to portray my black and white photographs in a way that exceeded my expectations. My photographs vividly depict the different places I have visited around the world and the nuances of each place that caught my eye.

I am grateful to have received such a warm and positive reception and was able to raise a significant amount through the sales of my photographs for Unite for Sight- the charity I support.

Best Talented Photographer

When Moments Become Memories ( 30 July 2015, )

Best Young Photographer in India

Debutants Travelogue is a Sellout (02 Aug 2015,

Best Female Photography

Frames from World Over (July 31, 2015, Hindustan Times City)

Youngest Nature Photographer India

Monochrome Narrative (Jul 27, 2015,

Best Youngest Wildlife Photographer

Travelogue in Monochrome (July 29, 2015,

Best Youngest Nature Photographer India

Essence of an Image, in Monochrome (July 30, 2015,