Having grown up accustomed to the hectic, busy pace of large cities, like London, New York and Delhi, I’m always struck by the contrast of coastal life. For me, beaches offer this incredible natural beauty and an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquillity, an essential part of everyday life on the coast.

Some of my favourite photographs have been inspired by travels to places like Mauritius, St Tropez, Devon and Koh Samui. I think the feature that always strikes me in these stunning locations is the sea, and the role it plays in the way of life and the unique local characters you inevitably come across. The presence of the sea in these places feels intrinsic to the serene, calming atmosphere and I always find that there is an overwhelming sense of Zen at the beach.

Experiencing the sea up close has always been a favourite experience of mine, and one that inspires me endlessly, whether I’m walking down the beach or going for a dip. It’s in the water that I find myself able to appreciate the incredible beauty and power of nature in its fullest form. I think it’s living closely with this incredible force of nature that gives the locals a genuine respect for the natural world, a respect that’s contagious.

I’ve always believed that when it comes to articulating the beauty of a place, a picture delves deeper than words. Which is why I choose to share my photographs, in the hope of sharing the beauty I find in the natural world.