Behind the Lens

Best Talented Photographer - Young Photographer in India

Welcome to my website and my collection of photographs. In this page I share with you a little bit about my passion and philosophy behind the art of photography.

One of the other defining features of my photographs is that I shoot solely in black and white. The reason I do this is simple, I feel black and white gives my photographs an air of monochromatic simplicity. It draws emotions from the image that can be taken for granted amidst the chaos created by colours. Along with that, in the rapid paced 21st century, there is limited time to appreciate the emphatic emotions expressed through the medium of photography. So, I believe that black and white photography is the best method of capturing the vivid emotions portrayed in the photograph in the short space of time. For me, a black and white photograph in any medium has the power to emphasise those subtle amalgamations of emotions that cannot always be expressed through the world of colour.

Another medium of photography that I cherish and practice is dark room (negative) photography. My passion for this form of photography comes from the belief that this style of photography is able to capture and invigorate the full spectrum of human emotions. Darkroom photography feels more authentic to me, since the rise of selfies and smartphones, taking a picture has now become a part of everyday life. It feels like the art of photography has become devalued and our ability to cherish each clicked moment has, likewise, been reduced. Taking a picture has become an instantaneous action with immediate results.

Darkroom photography, on the other hand, creates the need to engage with every click of the camera; to appreciate and nurture each captured moment, which is vital to the artistry of photography. That being said, I’m not anti-digital photography in any way, I simply find that appreciating both forms of photography enriches my own work. Digital photography in itself also holds a special importance to me.
Inspired by darkroom photography, I personally find that the contrast between digital and negative photography can be quite enjoyable. It is through this dual relationship of contrast and similarity that I am able to dabble seamlessly between the vintage and modern world in my photographs, giving a classic, yet modern feel.